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Captain's Log

Francis Bell, USS Sutherland NCC 72015

Starfleet Mission Description Log Commenced Stardate 45040.1 Present Mission Objectives
Stardate 45040.1 Stardate 45082.5 Stardate 45106.3 Stardate 45125.7

Stardate 45040.1
Refit of the ship is complete after the set back during the Klingons Civil War. Commander Data has taken good care of her and I sent him a personal thanks for starting the crew towards their acceptance of Automatons on Starfleet vessels. We will need their support for the new upgrades.
Our new Engineering team is lead by a tectonic technician, one Lt Shale. He is quite an entity to witness. He is six foot tall, four feet wide and about three feet thick, yet his silicon body is a dexterous as any I have seen. He moves amongst the Automaton s as if he were one of them. His skill with robots is unparalleled by any one outside of the Daystrom Institute. Of course we have a small contingent of engineers, mostly mechanical, with a few specialists in communication. This is where my own field of training comes in handy, though I am not likely to be on the end of a Comm Rig myself any more.
I have just agreed to Lt Commander Hobson requested transfer to Starbase 234. Admiral Brackett in formed me he has been seeking a transfer for a while now. We are to pick up some more of our crew including my new first officer from Starbase 212 and some equipment from Relay Station 47.

Captains Log Supplementum.
We encountered a few renegade Klingons and I was able to see the crew and ship in action. The Sutherland is a stunning vessel. She lives up to the reputation of her Class. She is solid enough to take almost anything.
We have arrived at Sector 2520, Relay Station 47 and found that the equipment we needed to pick up was a contingent of Engineering Nanites. They were supposed to integrate with the ships computer. Instead they have infested and taken an active part in the running of all automated ships functions. It looks like we will need to refit completely at Starbase 212 again. I have sent a complaint to Starfleet but have not yet received a response.

Captains Log Supplementum.
The Nanites are miracle workers. The ship has taken to healing itself from the combat damage we received and the refinery and manufacturing decks are working at 130% of expected potential all ready. The Nanites have found a way to communicate using some of the Automaton s as spokespersons. Lt Shale assures me the Nanites pose no threat to the ship at all. I have looked over the report and decided to accept his recommendation to allow them to stay. This may have been Starfleet's intention all along.
Our new orders are to proceed to Sector 2490 and begin an extended exploratory and colonisation mission in the uncharted Sectors from there. As such our upper pylons have been configured for high sensor abilities. Our Engineering decks have been turned predominantly into a refining and construction facility for the production and distribution of communication Relay Beacons and Relay Stations in the New Territories . Complete briefing is expected when we collect the rest of the crew. The Stellar Cartographers are very keen. There are many enterprising ensigns hopping to have systems named after them.....


Stardate 45082.5
We have arrived at Trill. I have given the crew a days shore leave. I have no idea why, since we have only been out of dock for five weeks. The new Klingons Councillor said it was a good idea. Who's going to argue?

Captains Log Supplementum.
I have just receive notification in the change of orders. I have been told that due to the delicate political nature of this area of space we are to postpone it's exploration indefinitely. We are to proceed to the Psi 2000 Nebular and begin our exploration from their, Heading 190 mark 0. I have also been informed of Admiral Brackett's transfer to diplomatic duties and I congratulated her on this. I will wait till the last of my crew are aboard then set off.


Stardate 45106.3
There has been a small outbreak of Kaygar fever - a non fatal but temporarily incapacitating virus - but it was quickly contained. Dr. Rarsh showed one of the advantages of his race, as he is effectively immune to most known viruses and bacteria and could work in the quarantine ward without problem.


Stardate 45125.7
We have arrived at the Reenop system. So far the voyage has proved relatively uneventful. We have upgraded two remote Relay Beacons. Lt Shale tested some of his remote EVERRY s (Extra-Vehicular Emergency Repair Robots) on the second beacon and found a problem with his remote communications systems which burned out. The upgrades were completed manually. We have witnessed a number of vessels fleeing us on long range Sensors . We must be quite and intimidating site to locals. The only vessel that showed any interest in approaching us was an entirely automated vehicle that emerged from an as yet unnamed nebular. It soon lost interest as we were faster than it appeared to be and returned to the nebular. I am considering returning for a more extensive exploration of the system after we are finished here.
Reenop 4 is a geological research station and we have been sent here to assess their progress, and upgrade any equipment they are lacking. I have put Lt Commander Clare in charge of the mission, since it is primarily a science station and she is Chief Science Officer.

Captains Log Supplementum.
Some serious incident has occurred on the Reenop colony. All power generator have suffered catastrophic failure simultaneously. An unknown aggressor is also killing colonists. It is apparently immune to phaser settings up to Level 8. We have initiated emergency evacuation procedures, but are hampered by the inexperience of the colonists, and the radiation interference from the destroyed reactors. Teleporter rooms are at full alert and all shuttles have been scrambled under the command of Lt Tek. Lt Com K'Vos is on the surface already, along with Lt Shale and Ensign Savitch, and they are coordinating the colonists to assist the evacuation. No word yet on the fate of Lt Com Clare, Ensign Spargin or Ensign Mordakai.


Note no other Log entries have been recovered from the USS Sutherland.