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Name:Francis Bell
Serial Number:Undisclosed
Placement:Captain of USS Sutherland, NCC 72015.
Race:Human Caucasian
Age:Late middle age


Starfleet Standardised Testing


Primary SkillsSecondary SkillsSecondary Skills
COMMAND(Captain's Chair)Computing- MathematicsMathematics
SCIENCE - Mathematical Patterns in LinguisticsCommunicationsLinguistics
TACTICAL OPERATIONSPhysicsBaisic Engineering Ops
Stellar CartographyBasic Helm Operations
ArchaeologyBasic Systems Ops


Highly Retentive Memory (rating ?)


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Late Middle aged Caucasian Male, thin with average colour. Bright, Sharp eyed, and wilful. All ships Captains have to be good looking. Works out a fair bit, and is distinctly agile and coordinated. However, poor constitution means he's prone to diseases and struggles to recover from injuries. Getting a bit old. Spent a little too long in the science labs after finishing his tactical training. Stern face that looks like it has worried a lot and decided finally to let worry stress about HIM instead.
PERSONALITY: On initial interaction he appears brusque and extremely business like. He is a no nonsense man. But he does have a softer side. He feels it gets in the way of his duty and finds it hard when his "Beverly" conflicts with his "Picard". All his life Bell has struggled to balance the poet and the warrior inside him. When he was young Bell tended to the more romantic side of life, even to the point of getting married. Unfortunately as he grew older and the conflicts of career and married life began to draw out he started to swing wildly. This almost cost people their lives. Now he is older he tends to wards the stern side. He and his wife seldom see each other which suits them fine on the outside. Somewhere in there though is the young idealist who still struggles to be heard.
PERSONAL HISTORY: Bell has a Tactical and Science background, specialising in mathematical patterns in linguistics and EM radiation. He has a good knowledge of the science behind communication and has been involved in the theoretical development, refinement and computer programming of the Universal Translator. He is a trained physicist/mathematician. He also has training in Archaeology (donít all ships Captains?). As a Captain he has taken time to learn the basics of all the ships functions. He is renowned for training his memory to retain information. He gained the command on Stardate 45040.1 (9th Feb 2368), after the destruction of the USS Melbourne. He received command of the Melbourne when it was turned down by Commander Riker in 2366, shortly after which it was destroyed by the Borg. He spent the next year developing stratagem to confuse the Borg subspace signal, but to no avail. That project was abandoned during the Klingon Civil War and he was sent to Captain the Sutherland. He didnít arrive till after the blockade was lowered, so did not take an active role in the episode himself.