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Catalogue and explanation of Automatons

ASD, Mark 1

ASD Mark 2 - Cybernetic Armed Response Droid [CARDY]

EVERRY, Mark 1

EVERRY Mark 1 - Extra Vehicular Emergency Repair Robot

MERCY Mark 2 - Mobile Emergency Response Cybernetic

ASD, Mark 1

MIR, Mark 1

MOBY Mark 1 - Mobile Interpersonal Robot [MIR]

Nanites - Engineering

These microscopic robots designed by Starfleet were originally only for use in extreme Medical cases where constant monitoring and repair was needed in a patient. The full range of abilities of these devices are only just becoming known. This breed, developed specifically for engineering, serve a similar function on a starship. On the USS Sutherland they monitor and repair minor functions and computer systems, freeing up the Human Systems engineers to do larger tasks that the Nanites can not do (such as gross repairs or reprogramming).

Nanites do not have an ability to act independent of their programming. They are all designed to shut down when a certain undisclosed frequency is broadcast. They can be automatically recalled on mass if necessary. They are, however, self repairing and nearly completely independent of any need for Human interaction.

One interesting feature is that they seem to cluster in large groups where there is humanoid life. It is unclear if this is because that is where the most likely place to receive orders, or, as Lt Shale has suggested, it is in response to a form of cybernetic loneliness.

SARA Mk 12a - Semi-Autonomous Response Automaton [SARA]

Designed as a faster interface for Shale's work station, the SARA unit has developed over twelve years into a tool for testing designs from the blueprint up to the finished product. It is capable of accessing almost all of the ships data files and uses them to suggest approaches that Shale may not yet have considered. In terms of intelligence it rates similar to an Idiot Savant, in that it has vast knowledge but no ability to filter ideas. It is ideal for making suggestions, but on judging the worth of them beyond the pragmatic involved.