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Serial Number:Undisclosed
Placement:Robotics Engineer on USS Sutherland, NCC 72015.
Height:230cm (c 7')
Weight:Massive (0.5 Tons)


Starfleet Standardised Testing


Primary SkillsSecondary SkillsSecondary Skills
ROBOTICSCarbon AnatomyGeology - Silicate Life Botony
Basic Engineering - Computer SystemsMarketing
PsychologyBasic Medicine - Silicate Life



Most injuries regenerate in an unbelievably rapid rate, due to a cellular consumption and replication reflex. Few injuries are not healed within the hour, and he can safely staple body parts back on (although it still hurts).
Removed body parts will regenerate slowly with sufficient nutrient intake. In extreme cases, a body part can be used to regenerate the whole, although memory can potentially be disrupted.
Radiation Susceptibility
Body tissue is solidified by many forms of radiation, including direct sunlight. Sufficient radiation will solidify and kill the whole being. An average day of sunlight is not sufficient for this, but prolonged sunlight might be (Estimated five continuous days fatal). Summer Solstice can be a problem, because the tissue does not un-solidify fast enough to free the Tectonic before morning - acting as a perpetual solidification without killing.
Special Immunities
Resistant to many environmental difficulties. Can survive for prolonged periods in both hard vacuum and underwater. Higher that Human resistance to both cold and heat. Phaser fire is partially ineffective, although higher settings (getting towards kill) will generate sufficient radiation to solidify outer layer. Not invincible to Phasers at highest settings.
Suspected Ability to Mind Meld with Automatons
This may be him having a joke at the Carbon's expense. Has a mild sensitivity to EM activity, meaning he can put an hand on Automatons and tell when the processor is clicking over. He may have done so on an inactive Automaton and thus detected the unsuccessfully active fault software as it tried to deal with an error which he promptly diagnosed with equipment and fixed. Thus the rumour that he can "Feel their pain", which he's played on.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:7' tall, 4' wide, Heavy set. Grey skin. Can be mistaken for metallic when he tries hard. Looks more like a mobile pile of liquid sand. Due to internal reactions his eyes have a tendency to glow. When he is excited they can produce a glow approximately equivalent to candle light.
PERSONALITY:Since he was always considered a stringy weakling among his people, he thrives on the "giant" impression he gives the Carbons. He sometimes even deliberately tries to be spooky. he isn't. He just is better at communicating with computers and Automatons than Carbons. He doesn't resent them, he just doesn't understand them. He'd buy them a drink if it didn't keep killing them.
PERSONAL HISTORY:Studdied Robotics on his home world but jumped at the chance to study at the Daystrom institute after witnessing Starfleet Computer technology. He is the only Tectonic in Starfleet. On his home world he is considered weak (he can barely lift a ton and a half. He is however a supra genius by his races standards. He is trained as an engineer, specialising in Automatons and Robotics. He is the Federation expert in the field. Data probably asked him for information in the development of Lal (though he is not experienced in Positronics). He has brought a blend of psychology to robotics to adapt the behaviour of the robots and predict the reaction of others. He also has understanding in Physics, Chemistry , metallurgy and general science. He also has an interest in geology, which is in a similar vein to the Human practice of Botany . This is mixed with his fascination with carbon anatomy, which at the same time is so resilient and yet so fragile. The Carbons around him seem to be able to survive direct sunlight for days on end, while the split their casings at minor blows. He combines all of these with a basic understanding in the First Aid of his Species. The thing that has carried him the furthest though is his ability in marketing an idea. Not only did he wheeler deal his way into the Academy, he also single handedly sold the idea of developing robotics further than the stagnant place they have maintained for nearly 100 years. He had studied Robotics on his home world but jumped at the chance to study at the Daystrom Institute after witnessing Starfleet computer technology. The actual information was found for him by SARA.