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USS Sutherland NCC 72015 Nebula Class

Standardized Performance Perameters

Length432.8 meters
ComputersType M-7A
Transporters[6] Standard-6person
[8] Cargo
[6] Emergency-22person
Crew Compliment305
Total compliment600
Maximum Compliment800
Shuttlecraft8 Type 6
10 Type 9
8 Type 15
2 Danube Class
Shuttle status11 on standby
2 on 5 minutes prep
4 on 30 minutes prep
6 on 12 hours prep
Maximum Cruising SpeedWarp 8.1
Maximum Emergency SpeedWarp 9.3

Nebula Class

Sutherland Dedication Plaque Commissioned on Stardate 44820.5 (2nd Oct 2367). Itís first tour of duty was a harsh one, requiring it to receive major reconstruction in and around Stardate 45020.4. It was decided at that time to refit it for exploration of the New Territories , but during the repair and refit it was hauled out of Spacedock at Starbase 234 to take part in the Romulan Blockade during the Klingon Civil War. It was under the command of Acting Captain Data, and First Officer, Lt. Commander Christopher Hobson, that the USS Sutherland actually uncovered the cloaked Romulan supply vessels, preventing their aid to the rebel faction and turning the war in favour of the pro- Federation Government.

After it completed itís refit on Stardate 45040.1 (a little behind schedule) it was given into the command of Captain Francis Bell and First Officer Commander Lannon. It was then sent to explore the New Territories lying on the outer edge of Federation space between Trill and the Tholian Embassy. It is also to drop Relay Beacons and Relay Stations to allow the further spread of the Federation into this section of space.

The Ventral Phaser Array on the Primary Hull of the USS Sutherland has been converted to Mining capability to allow it to recover resources and aid in any Terraforming effort it is required to assist.

USS Sutherland