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USS Explorer Medical Facilities

Look let me make this simple. You have a medical bay, and in most cases, Such as on the USS SUtherland, a trained team of doctors and nurses, and an EMH as back up. You don't need to worry about this. Let the DM take care of it.

The only thing you need to know is that all officers are trained in some minor medical practices to serve as assistants and emergency field medics in times of crisis. Also, behind every wall panel is an Emergency Medical Kit.

The USS Explorer has a fully equiped field Medical Bay designed for dealing with casualties from combat and extraction. The Chief Medicdal Officer, Dr Nick Cowalski, was killed in an explosion on Stardate 51309.8, and the EMH can not be run as a long term back up while its sytems are being used to run a Holographic representation of Captain Ajax. Ensgin Ruby Clare has steped in to act as CMO, even though her training is in exobiology. Her field notes are included below.

Medical Tricorder

Exobiology notes on virus found in Lyan host.

Description: Life form LV-001a apears to be a virus that specifically affects the central nervous system of the Lyan. It acts to accelerate the synaptic messages by decreasing the synaptic gap along with a range of other more alarming alterations.

Transmision: The virus seems to be a particularly robust entity capable of staying dormant for weeks to years while the carrier spreads it from location to location. It can be picked up from skin contact, airborne particles, or fluid exchange. It only seems to affect the Lyan species.

Symptoms: The infected will initially feel nothing until the virus comes out of dormant period. At that point they will feel heightened awarness and faster reflex responses. This will undoubtably be coupled with a feeling of well being and omnipotence. My suspicion is that this action is taken by the virus to promote the carrier into action, and spread it's spore over as wide an area as possible. As the virus progresses the feelings turn to paranoia and the accelerated senses start to lead to halucinations and heightened aggression.

Prognosis: The Host will eventually go insane and be unable to control any actions. It will become irrationally aggressive and attack anything. this will eventually lead to the death of the host.

Treatment: There is currently no known way of reversing the infection, but a number of experimental "Anti-Virus" are being developed. Until then a fast, clean death is the recomended action.

Special Note 1: All personnel on the USS Explorer are carriers of the virus. Contact with any Lyan will proove fatal to them in the long term.

Special Note 2: I now believe that the virus is a construct, and artificial life form. If so it falls under the statue banning the development of Bio-genic Weaponry. If we could discover who had developed this weapon we could stop it's development.