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Operations Station

Overview of role of Chief of Operations and Science on a Starfleet vessel

The task of the Operations Panel (or Opps) is to monitor and allocate resources to the various activities around the ship. It also serves as a science position where sensor data and calibration can be monitored and interpreted. Relevant information is then communicated to command officers or auxiliary stations. To do all this effectively they have a range of materials at their disposal, including sensors, remote probes and a computer database.


The eyes and ears of a starship. The Sensors serve three functions; Astronomical Observation, Planetary Surface analysis, and Remote Life form analysis. There are at least 15,525 substances that can not be detected by Federation Sensors. There are three primary Sensor Arrays on a Federation starship;

There are also a number of "Skin Sensors" which have the effect of maintaining a general "sense of being" for the ship. They detect things like hull fractures and minor impacts in much the same way as the skin on the back of your hand but are not useable as redundancies to the larger Sensor Arrays.


At times, launching an automated Probe to recover information is a far better option than endangering the ship. Probes are launched through the Photon Torpedo Launcher.

Computer Database

Of course not everything that a starship encounters will be entirely new. Often there will be records of readings or related instances that will help the Science division assess the phenomena and develop appropriate contingency responses. There is only room for one Computer core on the USS Explorer, rather than the customary two on ships like the USS Sutherland (one dedicated to Engineering functions, located in the Secondary Hull, and one allocated for scientific and command functions in the Primary Hull). Computer processing power is allocated by the Chief of Operations, and may be from either core, at his/her discretion. The M-7A is not as powerful as the LICARUS system, but the USS Explorer is not as big a ship as the Galaxy Class. In fact as the USS Explorer's Core is only 1/8th the volume of even one of the USS Sutherland's Core's it has a significantly reduced reference base.