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Catalogue of Federation Probe Classes

Class Title Range km Velocity Telemetry channels Description
I Sensor Probe 2x105 0.5 C 12,500 at
12 MW
Full EM, subspace and Interstellar Chemical pallet. Designed for in space missions.
II Sensor Probe 4x105 0.65 C 15,650 at
20 MW
Modified Class I. Long range particle field and energy sensors.
III Planetary Probe 1.2x106 0.65 C 13,250 at
15 MW
Limited SIF hull reinforcement. Capable of soft landing, sub-surface and atmospheric operations up to 450 bars pressure. Designed for collection and recovery of samples. Autonomous return program.
IV Encounter Probe 3.5 x106 0.6C 9,780 at
65 MW
Modified Class III. Designed for non-stellar energy phenomena. 6 ejectable radiation flux sub probes.
V Medium Range Recon Probe 4.3x1010 Warp 2 6,320 at
2.5 MW
Passive sensors and recorders. Fully autonomous mission execution and return program. Hull resistant to detection. Modifiable for Tactical missions.
VI Comm Relay/Emergency Beacon 4.3x1010 0.8 C 9,270 at
350 MW
Modified Class III. Designed as a temporary Relay Beacon, or planetary communications satellite. Range is limited.
VII Remote Culture Study Probe 4.5x108 Warp 1.5 1,050 at
0.5 MW
Modified Class V. Passive data collection and sub space transceiver. Hull resistant to detection. Tamper activated Self Destruct. Ideal First Contact monitor satellite. Operational life 3.5 months.
VIII Medium Range Multi-mission Warp Probe 1.2x102 light years Warp 9 4,550 at
300 MW
Modified Photon Torpedo. Warp 9 for 6.5 hrs. Galactic Particles and field research. Early warning recon.
IX Long Range Multi-mission Warp Probe 7.6x102 light years Warp 9 6,500 at
230 MW
Modified Photon Torpedo. Warp 9 for 12 hrs, Warp 8 for 2 wks. Typically used as emergency homing beacon with Ships Logs etc. Can be modified to carry Humanoid occupant.