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Science Departments

Department capacity on a starship will fluctuate with staffing availability

The recovery, study, and interpretation of ancient artefacts. This study focuses purely on the artefacts and architecture, to glean understanding of a Species' past. Technically there are no Archeologist aboard the USS Explorer, though Lt Thelin has some experience in Experimental Archeology, specifically the use of artifacts and weapons in the everyday life of a culture. Holographic Astrological Navigation Chartroom

Astrological Navigation
The science of plotting courses through interstellar space. While linked this is a sepearte division from Stellar Cartography. Lt Watts is navigator for the USS Explorer.

The study of Physics as it applies to space-time. This includes the fields of Physics, Mathematics, Relativity, subspace, as well as an unusual group called Anomaly Contingency who's unenviable task it is to predict the unpredictable behaviour of space-time and develop protocols in case the universe suddenly decides to defy one of it's laws. Ensign Marcus Gleeks fills this role aboard the USS Explorer.

The study of plant life. While this has not received an awful lot of credit, it is a fact that more lives are lost through incorrect handling of flora than any attacks by aliens or stellar anomaly. Dr Kym Leeks fills this role aboard the USS Explorer.

The study of the make up and behaviour of molecules and their compounds. This includes such diverse fields as Molecular Biology, Metallurgy, and Atomic Engineering.

The transmitting and receiving of message in all forms of conditions. This requires a great deal of technical skill, and a wide knowledge of Astrophysics. Ensign Clara Nights fills this role aboard the USS Explorer, with the occasional aid of Lt Watts.

The technical and mechanical maintenance of systems. It incorporates computer, electrical, chemical, and occasionally civil engineers to help with colony planing. This is usually treated as a branch independent of science but is included here for clarity. Ensign Bengi Henji, Lt Victor Stermen and Lt Natgar fill this role aboard the USS Explorer.

Includes the fields of Tectonics, Geography, Meteorology, Mineralogy and any other of the earth sciences involved in big scale planet studies. While their are no trained Geologists aboard the Uss Explorer, Ensign Crystal Ruby has some understanding of the principles in much the same way as a human understands Biology.

Differing from Engineering this incorporates the mass production of various articles which can not be merely replicated, such as shuttles, Relay Beacons and even colonial architecture.

This differs from communicationin that it focuses on the deconstruction and translation of different forms of language. Ensign Clara Nights fills this role aboard the USS Explorer, with the occasional aid of Lt Julian Watts.

The study of numbers. Dull? Try operating in any of the fields of Astrological Navigation, Stellar Cartography, Linguistics, or even basic computing without referring to this field.

The extraction and refining of ores. This tends to be done at a colony. Deck 20 of the USS Sutherland has been altered to allow for ship-based mining operations.

The study of fossils. This differs from Archaeology in that it looks at the biological remains of a Species to learn about it. Although there are no trained Archeologists aboard the USS Explorer, Ensign Crystal Ruby is adept in this field.

The study of various energies and forces and their effects. This includes Quantum Mechanics, and the basics for Astrophysics.

The study and construction of articulated machines capable of carrying out semi autonomous activities. The USS Sutherland is a research and development facility for various new breeds of robot.

Stellar Cartography
The study of map making for interstellar navigation. Ensign Po Tolmey fills this role aboard the USS Explorer.

Also called Exobiology, this is the study of alien biology, physiology, anatomy, medicine, virology, genetics, and so on. Xeno-biology departs from Medicine when the Species involved does not have extensive medical records and procedures. As such the Klingons are still considered by Xeno-biologists, since their own Medical practices and knowledge is sketchy or non existent, but a new species with extensive medical experience that it gives us access too, may never be considered relevant to this department. Ensign Crystal Ruby is trained as an Exobiologist, but since all carbon life is considered alien to her it is the Federation and it's members whom she studies.