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Political Overview of Major Species Relationships

Internal: Currently there is no sign of political unrest within the Federation. However there are unsubstantiated reports of a splinter faction of Starfleet conducting illegal Technical experiments in Phase Cloak technology, in breach of the Treaty of Algeron(sp?).
Cardasian: A temporary cease fire is in place between Cardasian and Federation forces. The Starfleet Inteligence beleives the Cardasians incapable of mounting a significant offence.
Klingon: The House of Durass has maintained open supportive negotiations with the Federation Council, and even invited Federation forces into their territories (such as the USS Explorer). The House of Patark has been refusing all overtures for diplomatic talks. It is suspected that Agents of this house have been placed on Federation ships and facilities to keep a close eye on their actions.
Lyan: First contact has been initiated with a small group of Lyan and a Starbase has been made available as a meeting and refit facility. Further diplomatic work is being managed by Ambassadors Biko and Thain. Contact has been made with Paw and Claw Raker Clans.
Romulan: The Romulans are the closest they have ever been to establishing peace treaties with the Federation, principally through the work of Ambassador Spok. This is still a nebulous peace though, and many within the Federation are distrustful of the Romulans.

Internal: After the Death of Gowron and the abdication of General Martok in favour of a more Military career, there has been a power vacume on the Klinogon High Council. Two people hold the balance of power; Toral, half son of Durras, and Admiral Patark, of the house of Niroth. Neither has the political or military might to definitively wrest power from the other, and the Klingon people are still replenishing their supplies and fleets from the Dominion war. Toral has been pushing for alliances with the Romulan and Federation people, using the non-aggression treaty and trade agreements to support the rebuild. Patark has been pushing for a seperate state with no drains on their people by outside influences. He believes the Klingon people should focus on themselves and building a strong core. Then push out and conquer the Federation and Romulan people.
Cardasian: The hatred for the Cardasians is unmitigated since their betrayal in joining the Dominion forces. There seems no possiblity of peace, nor any desire from either party for it.
Federation: The House of Niroth has openly declared it plans to invade and conquer the Federation at some uspecified future date, seeing them as a direct threat to the Klingon Empire. The House of Durass has openly invited close alliance with the Federation, seeing them as a support.
Lyan: The Klingons fear the Lyan, as they are the greatest long term threat to the Klingon people. The Lyan have withdrawn from their borders and the Klingons are weary about the reason for it. The House of Durass has invited the USS Explorer to act as a scout and bait to try and uncover the Lyan tactics. When it is found that the Lyan are in a weakened state it is unclear how they will react, but full scale invasion cannot be ruled out. The Lyan have shown ability to detect cloaked ships.
Romulan: The House of Niroth has openly declared it plans to invade and conquer the Star Empire at some uspecified future date, seeing them as a direct threat to the Klingon Empire. The House of Durass has openly invited close alliance with the Romulans, recognising their long history of support.

Internal: Whatever system of government had supported the Lyan previously, they are now a scattered people working and family clans housed in large "Clanships". However they are capable of collaboration when in the presence of a Tigren, a mysterious breed of royalty/priesthood who no Lyan will challenge. All the work and maintenance seems to be performed by a sub-species refered to as Domestics. This race seems to have no ambition to challenge the Lyan dominance, and the Lyan for their part tend to just leave them alone to do their own thing.
Cardasian: No information.
Federation: First contact has been acheived. Currently most encounters have been hostil, except in the presence of the Tigren. Contact has been made with Paw and Claw Raker Clans. Neither is particularly well disposed to people in freindly relations with the Klingons.
Klingon: Hatred exists for all Klingongs. Usually a Lyan willa ttack a Klingong on site.
Romulan: Long standing emnity exists for the Lyan. It is likely the Lyan make no distinction between Vulcan and Romulans. No observed interactiosn to date.

Internal: The Star Empire has recently recognised the long subjugated Reman people. This has caused a lot of political restructuring and has called into question a number of long standing predjudices against other races. Not everyone within the Star Empire is pleased with this however.
Cardasian: No information is available on the current relations between these races.
Federation: Since the Efforts of the USS Enterprise-E in securing the Romulan government against the Reman forces in 2379, the Romulans have been much more open to communication and diplomatic relations with the Federation. This is still a delicate peace though, with many Romulans clinging to old predjudices. It still marks the closest the Star Empire has come to accepting Peace with the Federation.
Klingon: The Romulan people have a long history of collaboration with Klingons, dating from the original provision of the now Famous Cloaking device in exchange for the design of the K7 Battle cruiser.
Lyan: The Romulan and Lyan have ben involved in a long standing war. The strain was so heavy on the Romulans that they were forced to close their borders and abstain from any conflict with both Federation and Klingon Empires for a period of 70 years. Since the Withdrawl of the Lyan the Romulans have not advanced their borders to reclaim lost worlds, concentrating their efforts to maintain a strong defence and intellignece network. The Lyan have shown ability to detect cloaked ships.