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Political Overview

According to Webster’s 24th Century Dictionary (5th Edition), an android is an Automaton made to resemble a Human being. From an ancient earth language (Andros- Man). In 2365 Starfleet decreed that Data and subsequently all Positronic Androids were sentient life forms and due all the respect associated with that position.

A deeply Spiritual people from Bajor prime. They have been a civilised culture since 500,000 BC, but most of their culture was destoryed in the Cardfasian ocupation of 2328-2369. Many Bajorans have managed to Join Starfleet despite the fact that the Home world has never acheived formal membership of the Federation.

Humanoids from the planet Bolarus IX, identified by their blue skin and the bifuricated ridge running down the centre of their face. They tend to prefer warmer climates. Long standing member of the Federation. Borg Craft destroys an Oberth vessel at Wolf 359

Short for Cyborg, which intern is short for Cybernetic-Organic. A blend of man machine that has threatened the Earth twice now and only been saved on each occasion by the intervention of Lt. Commander Data, with Captain Picard’s assistance.

Tectonic word for non-silicon life.

CardasianPlain simple Garak is a typically sly Cardasian
A culturally rich society brought to ruin by lack of resources. The military enforced a martial law and a period of conquest to strengthen itself. Now it is over stretched and at the point of collapse. Having begun a prolonged war with the Federation in, 2339 peace was breifly signed in 2366. However, after allying themselves with the Dominion forces some time in the early 2370's, this race is now viewed with distrust and even hatred.

An unusual race similar to the Earth Genie in that it is a non corporeal form that dwells in a small material vessel, often made of blue crystal and about the size of a bottle or shoe box. They are extremely reluctant to discuss their society or origin and their home planet has never been found. They have, as individuals rather than a racial group, acquired entry into the Federation and subsequently Starfleet where they perform with consummate skill. Not all factions of Starfleet are pleased with the new addition and people such as Admiral Brackett feel they were allowed to join before proper research was done. This race is currently under further observation and research.

El Aurian
A race of people from the Delta Quadrant, now nearly extinct because of the Borg, who are known throughout the galaxy as "Listeners". There ability is tantamount to extreme empathy that would leave most telepaths envious. In the same way a person can not help sharing his thoughts with a telepath, they find them selves telling all sorts of things to El Aurians with out even meaning to. Federation and Starfleet El Aurians are specially trained to stop Captains and crews accidentally disclosing the command codes to them. If they do however you can trust the racial confidentiality not to disclose the information to anyone. This is why they make lousy spies. They hate to talk. Not all are as calm as they tend to be and there have been situations involving an enraged El Aurian seeking revenge for what has happened to their race. There life span is incredible, at least a thousand years. It is suggested that some of these have power enough even to daunt Q, but this has never been observed. So far we have encountered three in Star Trek, the first being Guinan the Bartender on the USS Enterprise-D, the second being a con-man who was arrested and released twice from DS9, and the third was Dr. Zoran who discovered the secret of Trilithium in his bid to return to the Nexus. He is also the complete legend who killed Kirk (hooray hooray!).

Federation, the
Short for the United Federation of Planets. An alliance of approximately 150 planetary governments and colonies, united for mutual trade, exploration, defensive, scientific, cultural, and diplomatic functions. Founded in 2161 (probably under a Human initiative). The Federation council meets near Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, while the Federation President is stationed in Paris. Races involved include, Humans, Vulcans, Betazoids, Bolians, Andorians, and many other unnamed species. The Federation is presently at peace with everyone, even the Romulans. The Cardasian alliance is strained at best.

FerengiQuark, like most Ferrengi, has a nose for business and the ears for Latinum
A vicious little trader race. Money and commerce is their only function. It holds a similar place to Honour amongst Klingons. They have a very strict code of conduct called the Laws of Acquisition, and the financial aptitude of a given Ferengi is usually associated with the size of their earlobes. Ferengi women are not allowed to take any part in trade or other business. They are absolutely subservient and not even permitted to wear clothes.

The race that populates the Earth and is the controlling body behind Starfleet (if not the Federation). You know. Homo Sapiens. Us!

A warior race that holds honour to be the greatest of all goals. Based strongly on the stereotyped oriental courts, the Klingon council is recently recovering after Civil War.
The Federation first met the Klingons in 2218, which began a fifty year cold war that came to a peak in 2267 when the Organians forced both powers into a non aggression pact. Which was barely respected if at all by both parties. In 2293 the moon Praxis exploded forcing the Klingons to sue for peace, but it was not till the destruction of the USS Enterprise-C at Narendra III in 2344 that the peace treaty was signed at Khitomer.
In 2367 the house of Durass staged a civil war in protest against the appointment of Gowron as High Councilor. The USS Sutherland under the command of Acting Captain Data played a key role in blocking Romulan assistance to the Rebellion.
Klingon Medical science is almost non existent since, despite all evidence, "Klingons do not feel pain!". Klingons do not have tear ducts and have lilac coloured blood. Most of their bodily organs have redundancies and "spare" organs. The Klingons refer to this characteristic as the brak’lul.

The New Territories are plagued by what seems to effectively be a form of pirate race who the locals call the Kuda'ar (Coo-Dah-Aar). There's been a few Federation brushes with them, although they don't seem to be enormously keen to have much to do with us. The information we have suggests they are technically less advanced than the Federation, and generally their Ships are much smaller and less powerful - no real match for the USS Sutherland, although an Oberth Class was badly damaged, for reasons which remain unexplained. The reports make them out as extremely cunning. One of the local Races has a saying - ‘Shake hands with a Kuda'ar, and count your fingers afterwards!’. Starfleet suggests caution in any contact with them.

In reality this is at least three seperate race groups. Predominantly the Lyan are a group of 6' Feline warriors, grouped into clans and hunting as packs. The family clans are housed in large "Clanships" led by a Pack Leader, and inter clan war is common. However they are capable of collaboration when in the presence of a Tigren, a mysterious breed of royalty/priesthood who no Lyan will challenge. All the work and maintenance seems to be performed by a sub-species refered to as Domestics. This race seems to have no ambition to challenge the Lyan dominance, and the Lyan for their part tend to just leave them alone to do their own thing. This race is currently under further observation and research. In records there is occasional reference to the Lyann, who it is suggested is teh reference the the Lyan race as a unified group before the Plague.

A type of android brain based on the neural linkages of the Human brain. Deemed impossible by everyone, Noonien Soong managed (after six failed attempts including B4) to produce three working Positronic networks in the androids Lore. Data, and Juliana Tainer. Lore is presently on Earth in a disassembled state. Data was destroyed in effort to quell the Reman coup of 2379. Tainer is unaware that she is an android and is continuing the work of the real (and deceased) Juliana Tainer/Soong. They are classed as the Soong series. Data created Lal, his own Positronic daughter. She was a resounding success, capable of all of Data’s abilities plus genuine emotion. She lived only a very brief time. She was considered the First Generation of Positronic Android. The discovery of B4, one of Data's failied ancestors rebirthed the interest in the Positronic process, and is currently aiding Federation scientists at an undisclosed location. It is believed the Romulans may also have made advances in Positronic technololgy, thought the loss of B4 may have hindered their research unless they have managed to secure another Soong prototype.

After splitting from the Vulcan people this group of dissidents settles the twin worlds Romulus and Remus (also known as Romii) and founded the Star Empire. They have all the strength of the Vulcans but not the mind meld abilities. They are known for treachery and intrigue. In 2379 the population of Remus staged a coup, led by a clone of John Luc Picard. It was finally quelled by Federation forces working in support of the Romulan Military. This has opened the way for unprecedented levels of communication and diplomatic colaboration. However the Neutral Zone remains intact, and there are still forces on both sides who are unwilling to lower old predjudices. Since the Coup, Remans have enjoyed much higher respect and have even been allowed to join the Military as shock attack troops for use in engagements expected to suffer high casualties.

Almost nothing is known about this lizardine race. They tend to act solely, attacking a ship, killing and eating it's crew then lying dormant till another ship picks it up and starts the process again. It is believe a Severatim were responsible for the destruction of a Romulan Warbird on Stardate 51135.6, as well as the crew of the B'hemoth on Stardate 51093.9. Their skill is aided by incredible inteligence, as well as a bladed staff able to cut through a Klingon bulkhead, and a personal field that extends for 100m around them and cuts all electrical power, including dampening power in phasers and disruptors. One Severatim has been captured by Federation forces on a Lyan base. It's fate is undisclosed.

A new race that has found themselves in the Cardasian territories near Bajor - not far from Terrac Nor (prior to it becoming Deep Space Nine). They're currently negotiating with the Federation about asylum and the possibility of Federation membership. One of their number, Ensign Spargin, has joined Starfleet under the provisional new species membership act. Exoskeletal plates, the shape of which can be seen through a uniform and on their bare feet and the rear of the head, give a slightly armadilloish look at first glance. This race is currently under further observation and research.

A silicon based life form, that is to say they are made of silicon in the same way we are made of carbon. This does not mean they are made of rock, any more than carbon life is made of charcoal. A Tectonic crewman may be 3 times as strong, but only 75% as agile as a Human. They have the ability to re-grow limbs and heal wounds in a fraction of the time. If a limb is lost and the stump is immersed in a Silicon Nutrient it will grow back in a matter of hours. Minor scrapes, brakes and abrasions heal them selves in minutes. They are also impervious to a hard vacuum, though they need a breathing apparatus, such as a re-breather.
However they are extremely susceptible to radiation, especially Solar radiation. In the same way as Human skin tans, Tectonic skin hardens to a reflective shield to protect the internals. This freezes the individual as if turned to stone. Given enough time away from the radiation the body will return to it’s mutable form, provided the radiation has not had enough time to penetrate and solidify the entire being. Usually this requires about 120 hours continuous exposure.

An aggressive race that has been in conflict with the Federation since the 2268, and has remained such a threat that it was believed that they may cross Federation space to become involved in the Klingon Civil War. Anti-Tholian tactics is required training for Starfleet cadets.

TrillCommand Dax is a joined Trill Host
A joined being where Symbiont and Host are combined into one life form. Trills can be identified by the unusual neck markings belonging to the Host race and the coldness of the hands. Trills are very sensitive to Neuro-transmitters such as bug bite venom and the like. Some are unable to use Transporters as it breaks the link between Host and Symbiont. This is not the case for Cardasian Transporters which have a much more efficient Quantum Resolution.

The vernian are a long lived an stoic race,led by a Council of Elders. Very few vernians are progressive thinkers prefering to rely on the wisdom of the ancients than to seek new possibilites. Victor Stermen is an exception, and seen as a radical amongst his own peoplke, even though his deliberate pace kept him as a cadet in starfleet for over thirteen years. Vernians posses minor telekinetic skil over a range of about a meter. They are able to lift weigths about equal to a kilo if allowed to concentrate. They cannot control this ability enough to depress keys on a pad, or to aim and fire a weapon effectively. Stermen uses it predominantly to grab tools when they are out of his reach.

Although only Half Vulcan, Spok has come to represent true Vulcans.
A powerful warrior people (perhaps developed from a Sargon colony established as early as 1,000,000 BC) that nearly destroyed itself in 2,000 BC, but was saved only by a philosophy of logic above all else introduced by Surak. A splinter group left to form the Romulan Star Empire leaving the remaining people to deny their emotions and quest after logic alone. The Vulcans are renowned for their strength, acute hearing (both of which are by products of the planet Vulcan’s gravity and atmosphere which is much thicker than Earth standard), intelligence and unique psychic abilities, including a little used power of hypnosis and suggestion, as well as the fabled (and extremely dangerous) Mind Meld, where in a Vulcan shares it’s thoughts and feelings equally with another, and visa versa. It also includes a certain empathic ability that is little explored since it relies an a Vulcan’s emotions (something no true Vulcan will admit to) Vulcans can induce a comatose state to allow themselves to heal more rapidly. Because of the bright Sun on Vulcan, they have developed an involuntary inner eyelid which shuts in the presence of bright light. A Vulcan’s heart is where the Human liver is.