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Preprogrammed Tactical Manoeuvres

Evasive Manoeuvres

USS Defiant dodging and jinking like a bugger
Evasive Pattern Alpha:
Barrel roll to rotate faces against enemies on sides. This avoids one side's Shields taking continuous hits.
Evasive Pattern Beta:
Any course corrections should be done by adjusting yaw rather than pitch so the side continually faces an enemy thus presenting a smaller profile.

Attack Manoeuvres

Nebula and Galaxy classes coordinate attack patterns against the Borg at Wolf 359
Attack Pattern Alpha:
Forward shields at full power. Approach till within weapons range. Launch forward Phasers and torpedoes. Bring about to Bearing 180 Mark 180. Rear shields to full power and head away at Full Impulse .
Attack Pattern Beta:
All attacks to be from directly along the opponents dorsal/ventral plane to avoid fire from torpedoes and main weapon banks.
Attack Pattern Delta:
Decreases the pitch of the ship 15 degrees to mask the Bridge from direct line of fire. This also exposes the Torpedo Launcher, but does not mask the Pulse Phaser banks.
Picard Manoeuvre:
This practice is now taught as part of Academy training. It involves throwing a vessel faster than the speeds of light to a position where the enemy can see both vessels simultaneously. In the confusion it should be easy enough to destroy the enemy or at least escape.