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Starfleet Mission Descriptions

Fast Tactical Response
The USS Explorer is designed as a high speed attack craft with many prototype systems, including Rapid Force Deployment which enables fast strike and withdrawl of small teams at low Warp speeds via the Teleporter systems.
Deep Space Exploration
The USS Sutherland is specially designed for long range stellar survey and mapping missions, as well as a wide range of planetary explorations. The USS Explorer is capable of long range stellar survey and mapping missions, as well as it's role in tactical exercises.
Ongoing Scientific Investigations
All Federation vessels have support capability for a number of ongoing research projects. Many such projects are classified as secondary or even Tertiary missions, such as the Automaton Development Project on the USS Sutherland. The USS Explorer is used as a testing bed for a number of prototype systems.
Contact with Alien Life Forms
Pursuant to the Starfleet Life Contact Policy Directive, facilities to support such missions include a staff of exobiologists (Ensign Ruby on the USS Explorer) and sociologists (Ensign Biko on the USS Explorer), as well as a highly sophisticated compliment of Universal translator software and technicians (Ensign Nights on the USS Explorer).
Federation Policy and Diplomacy
The USS Explorer is likely to be the sole Federation envoy in this region of space. Its presence here is key to the continued good relations between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.
Tactical and Defence
Typical tactical and defence missions include patrol of the Klingon/Romulan border, or protection of Federation interests in planetary or interstellar conflicts. The USS Sutherland had won renown as a pivotal member of a patrol group that guarded the Romulan/Klingons border during the Klingons Civil War, even before it was fully constructed. The USS Explorer was designed to combat the Dominion Threat but disasters in the testing phase required the ship to be altered drastically and before it was released the Dominion war had ended. It still carries state of the art weaponry, sheilding, and Rapid Force Deployment systems.
Emergency and Rescue
Typical rescue scenarios include rescue of Starfleet and Non-Starfleet vessels in distress, planetary rescue scenarios including small-scale evacuation (even medium scale evacuations are not feasible).
To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before
Anything that doesn’t naturally fit into the other mission parameters.