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including a list of referenced Federation vessels

Pertaining to Starships. A simple way of keeping track of the number of vehicles and what they are doing across the Federation (same as a carís number plate).
Anagram in Federation vesselís names, standing for United Space Ship.
Anagram in Klingons vesselís names, standing for Imperial Klingon Craft, or some such. Nice of them to write it in English.

See also Tactical comparison of vessels.

Starships are vessels designed for interstellar flight (or at the very least out side the atmosphere). The list below are a few ships encountered so far by the USS Explorer or USS Sutherland.
Name Registry Class History
IKC B'Hemoth NA K't'inga Crew killed by Severatim. Ship destroyed by Lyan in conflict with USS Explorer's away team.
USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E Sovreign Flag Ship of the Federation.
IKC F'Kew NA B'traz Warned the USS Torrens away from an uncharted nebula in Klingon space.
IKC F'Tang NA B'traz Carried Admiral Patark to rendesvous with the USS Explorer and warn them of the Lyan race.
IKC Qa'Re NA Freighter Transported the majority of the crew of the USS Explorer to Klingon Starbase Veslan.
USS Torrens NCC 71266 Danube Transported last of the USS Explorer crew to KlingonStarbase Veslan
USS Icabod NCC 71132 Type 15 Shuttle Pod assigned to the USS Explorer. Not Warp Capable.
USS Chapcupi NCC ??? Oberth Research ship that resupplied the USS Explorer.
USS Hope NX ??? Hope Refitted Oberth with Trilithium capablilities.
Designated to refit and resupply the USS Explorer and the Lyann Starbase "Biko".

Ambassador Class
Supposedly designed between the Excelsior Class and the Galaxy Class the Ambassadors are 526 meters long. The USS Ambassador was registered NCC 10521. The USS Enterprise-C was an Ambassador Class. B'rel Class in low orbit

B'rel Class
A small twelve man Klingons Bird-of-Prey. This tactical fighter has been in use since 2285. These vessels are much lighter and faster than the attack cruisers and are quite capable of challenging even a Galaxy Class. Some early B'rel were designed with the ability to stay cloaked while firing Photon Torpedoes. They were developed just a few years before the Khitomer Alliance, and so the Romulans do have access to them though they are never used. They were upgraded to Kívort Class but this larger version has never completely outclassed it's slightly smaller forbearer. The B'rel, and the slightly newer models, are the pride of the fleet, capable of sustained and undetectable cloaking. In many ways it has been surpassed by the faster stronger and more sophisticated vessels. The one major selling point is that some of the vessels still in service are from the original series. These vessels last and last, but are always on the point of falling apart because Klingons can't be bothered keeping them in good nick after a battle. B'traz firing Photon Torpedo

B'traz Class
This is a new variant ont he B'rel class, only seen since 2388. It seems the Klingons have been retro fitting their ships with Trilithium Warp Cores. The new ships are faster, toughter, more destructive, and harder to detect. There is some discussion in Starfleet whether this will make the vessles harder to cloak or will finaly give them the ability to cloak and fire like the Romulans.

Constellation Class - USS Stargazer

Constellation Class
Similar in many ways to the Constitution Class this type of vessel, with its four Nacelles, was designed for defence and deep space exploration. Probably the best known of its type was the USS Stargazer. The first ship of it's Class, the USS Constellation, should not be confused with the USS Constellation which was destroyed in 2267 under the command of Captain Matt Decker. It is possible that the later was named after the former, USS Enterprise style. This particular Class of starship was in fact invented by a mistake on the Editors part. The vessels were originally to be Constitution Class but that was changed after filming began and they needed to find a very similar name to dub over what had been said previously. Constitution Class - USS Enterprise

Constitution Class
The model of the original USS Enterprise (NCC 1701 "no bloody A, B, C, or D"). These were originally 289m long.

Constitution Class, Modified
Constitution upgrades made the Enterprise-A 305 meters long, with a crew of four hundred to four fifty.

D'deridex Class, B-type Romulan B-Type Warbird
The new, post fifty year silence, Romulan War-bird. It is over 1.2 Km long. They have a much greater fire power and were believed to have a lower sustainable Warp speed (The Chase, ST:TNG). These things are so good it is believed they need buttons to stop them being better than anything else in space.

D'Kora ClassFerrengi Marauder
Also known as Marauders, these are the biggest Ferengi vessels yet encountered. The have a crew of approximately four hundred to four fifty, and in most ways are equivalent to a Federation Galaxy Class. Very few Marauders have been named in all of Star Trek.

Excelsior Class
One step up from the Constellation Class, the original USS Excelsior, NX 2000 (later NCC 2000), was 467m long, launched in 2284 and was later captained by Sulu of ST:TOS during the Khitomer peace conference of 2293. The USS Enterprise-B was Excelsior Class and many of this model still served right up to today.

Excelsior Class

Melbourne, USS
Excelsior/Nebula Class vessel (NCC 62043). This shipís captaincy was offered to Riker on Stardate 43989.1 who turned it down. It was then accepted by Bell, as his first command. The ship was destroyed two days later by the Borg on Stardate 44001.4 During the fight shown in "The Emissary" the Melbourne is an Excelsior Class. However the wreckage seen later in "Best of Both Worlds II" (actually shot earlier) was that of a Nebula Class. Go figure.

The Explorer Class Prototype

Explorer Class
The Original desgin of the Explorer Class was as a fast strike vehicle for use during the Dominion War. With the end of conflict it was redesigned as a small crew exploritory vessle, particularly for use in areas where larger, more intimidating vessles, would be politically insensitive. A number of new technologies were incorporated into it's design such as advanced ablative shielding and ***power distruibution*** sytems. It was designed to be powered by a Trilithium Warp Core, though the development of this type a M/ARA has so far eluded Starfleet. It also incorporated facility for the use of a ***Phase Cloak***, though of course the development of such an illegal technology is also beyond the scope of Federation Engineers. A number of set backs in the R&D stage of the ship have delayed it's deployment for 10 years, and as yet only the prototype has been released from testing. Despite the relative speed of construction, it is unlikely that this vessle will find a large place in the fleets of the Federation, except perhapse as diplomatic transports, or fast deployment combat vessles.

The Galaxy Class USS Enterprise-D

Galaxy Class
Basically the biggest thing Starfleet has to offer. An equal match to the Romulan Díderidex B-type Warbird despite being only 641 meters long. (as opposed to 1.2 km for the Romulan vessel). Considered the next step up from the Nebula Class. In one alternate future we saw another type of Galaxy with a distinctive extra Nacelle.

Enterprise-D, USS
Galaxy Class vessel (NCC 1701-D). Federation Flagship. Come on. If you donít know this ship you wouldnít be playing the game.

Galor Class
This is the standard Cardasian Military vessel. They are not necessarily very powerful. A Galaxy Class vessel has been know to cripple one in a single shot, however since they rarely work alone this is perhaps a bit misleading. The Cardasians make up for and weakness by being tactically versatile as are these vessels. They can not enter an atmosphere however, unlike the Klingons Bírel Class.

K'tinga ClassK'tinga Class
The oldest style of Klingon Warbird on record. In active service for over 100 years these can still pose as much of a threat to smaller vessels today as they did to the original USS Enterprise. They are a testament to the resiliance and excellence of Klingon designed vessels.

K'vort ClassKvort vs Galaxy class
A larger version of the Bírel Class used in and around 2360's. It has never quite supplanted the smaller vessel but looks to be following in it's footsteps. It is believed that when the old B'rel model was used in comparison with the newer Galaxy Class, etc, it showed as well over twice the length of the original. This meant it had to be a different Class of Ship.

Nebular ClassNebula class
Slightly smaller than the Galaxy Class, this distinctive Starfleet design has nacelles on pylons hugging the Saucer Section underside and a distinctive triangular wedge, located over the rear saucer, which usually houses the expansive Sensor Arrays, but can be customised for other missions, such as the USS Phoenix which has a combat module.

Endeavour, USS
Nebula Class vessel (NCC 71805) that served with the USS Sutherland in the Romulan blockade during the Klingon Civil War in 2367. Named after Captain Cookís ship.

Melbourne, USS
Nebula/Excelsior Class vessel (NCC 62043). This shipís captaincy was offered to Riker on Stardate 43989.1 who turned it down. It was then accepted by Bell, as his first command. The ship was destroyed two days later by the Borg on Stardate 44001.4 During the fight shown in "The Emissary" the Melbourne is an Excelsior Class. However the wreckage seen later in "Best of Both Worlds II" (actually shot earlier) was that of a Nebula Class. Go figure.

Merrimac, USS
Nebula Class vessel (NCC 61827). Named after the first Confederate Ironclad warship. Used as a transport mostly for the likes of Sarek and would be Starfleet Academy cadets. Sister ship to the Monitor.

Monitor, USS
Nebula Class vessel (NCC 61826). Named after the first Non-Confederate Ironclad warship. Patrols the Romulan Neutral Zone. Sister ship to the Merrimac.

Phoenix, USS
Nebula Class vessel (NCC 65420). Under the command of renegade Captain Benjamin Maxwell it was used to attack the Cardasians on Stardate 44492.6. It destroyed two ships and a science station before it was stopped. It also demonstrated that the Cardasians were amassing arms for a surprise raid on the Federation.

Oberth ClassThe first Oberth attacked by the first B'rel encountered
A very small vessel primarily used for science and research. They have been in use since at least 2285. The Oberth are only about a fourth or fifth the size of the Galaxy Class with a crew contingent of 80. Many of these vessel have been used by non-Starfleet organisations within the Federation. This type of Vessel was due to be phased out with the introduction of the Galaxy Class. They were kept on, however, because of their relatively small production cost. They were also found to be useful at times when a Galaxy would be overkill.

Sovereign Class
The Enterprise-E is a Sovereign Class vessel.

Lamer, USS
Little is known about this vessel as yet, except that itís Replicators could only do MAX Iced Coffee.

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