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A brief overview of History to date

15,000,000,000,000 BC - The Big Bang
5,000,000,000,000 BC - Formation of the star Sol.
2,000,000,000,000 BC - First life on Earth.
1,000,000 BC - Sargon Colony becomes the first Vulcans.
500,000 BC - The Bajoran civilisation flourishes.
38,000 BC - First Homo Sapiens appear on Earth.
25,000 BC - Trill become a joined Species for the first time.
8,000 BC - Civilisation on Earth flourishes with the building of Jericho, Earth’s oldest city.
0 AD - First date of the New Terran Calendar.
200 - Vulcan/Romulan split.
1893 - Guinan arrives on Earth and meets Data and Picard for the first time.
Sputnik 1 1957 - Launch of Sputnik I, the first sustained supra-atmosphere flight.
1969 - The first Human vessel lands on nearest alien world, the Moon.
1976 - Pioneer 10 launched from Earth.
1976 - The Voyager program launched it's first two vessels beyond the solar fringe. There would eventually be ten Voyager crafts sent.
1977 - The Starship Enterprise (OV-101) is launched from Cape Canaveral.
1983 - Pioneer 10 is the first Human object to leave the Solar system.
1992 - Eugenics war begins with the genetic "Supermen" (such as Saddam Hussain, Michael Gorbechov, George Bush, and Michael Jackson) conquer a quarter of the Earth.
1995 - Cryogenic satellites launched in the hope that future technology would be able to revive and save the dead Humans preserved within. Generally unsuccessful since most companies went bankrupt and their satellites failed even to remain in orbit, but a few have been recovered and their occupants saved. These may be considered the first Sleeper Class vessel used by Humans.
1995 - Voyager I and II reach the Solar fringe.
1996 - Eugenics war ends. The DY-100 Sleeper Class vessel is launched.
2018 - DY-750 (last of the Sleeper Class vessels) is launched.
2061 - Zefraim Cochrane develops the "Faster-than-light" drive. First Contact with Vulcan (and Borg).
2065 - SS Valiant disappears at Galactic rim, the first attempt to penetrate the Energy Barrier there.
2079 - Earth recovers from 37 million deaths in WWIII.
2117 - Zefraim Cochrane disappears, presumed dead.
2156 - Romulan Star Empire and Earth embark on a four year nuclear conflict.
2160 - The Romulan War ends with the signing of the Algeron Treaty and the development of the Neutral Zone after the battle of Cheron.
2161 - United Federation of Planets established.
2165 - Sarek is born.
2196 - The last Daedelous Class vessel is decommissioned.
2218 - First Contact with the Klingons Empire.
2222 - "Scotty" is born.
2223 - Klingons relations collapse bordering on the point of war and hatred.
2227 - "Bones" McCoy is born.
2230 - Spok is born.
2233 - Kirk is born.
2237 - Sulu is born.
2239 - Uhura is born.
2243 - Richard Daystrom invents Duotronics upon which the Computer systems were based until the development of the bio-gel packs for the USS Voyager.
2245 - USS Enterprise NCC 1701 is launched under Robert April for it's first five years. Chekov is born.
2249 - Spok joins Starfleet.
2250 - Christopher Pike takes command of the Enterprise for ten years. Kirk joins Starfleet.
2253 - Spok (already serving on the Enterprise) graduates.
2254 - Kirk Graduates.
2264 - Kirk Takes Command of the Enterprise on and off for almost thirty years.
2265 - First Season ST:TOS. The Borg destroy El Aurian home world.
2266 - First Season ST:TOS. Romulans test the Neutral Zone demonstrating they have Warp capable vessels for the first time.
2267 - First and Second Season ST:TOS. War with the Klingons stopped by the Organian Treaty (imposed by the Organians). First Contact with the Mirror Universe.
2268 - Second and Third Season ST:TOS. Romulan/Klingons Alliance established. First Federation transgression into Tholian space by the USS Defiant, and USS Enterprise. First Contact with the Tamarians.
2269 - Kirk promoted to Admiral. Enterprise receives upgrades.
2270 - Spok and McCoy retire from Starfleet.
Voyager VI 2271 - Star Trek I. Voyager VI returns to Earth as V'GER. Kirk is given command of the USS Enterprise for another 5 years.
2276 - Kirk retires as Captain of the Enterprise for the second time.
2278 - Soyuz Class are in active service.
2285 - Star Trek II and III. Development of the Excelsior Class. USS Enterprise retired for scrap. Enterprise stolen and destroyed by Kirk and crew. B’rel and Oberth Class are in active service. Spok dies but is reborn.
2286 - Star Trek IV. Kirk demoted to Captain and put in charge of the Enterprise-A.
2287 - Star Trek V. Pioneer 10 is destroyed by Klingons. Federation Transwarp project abandoned.
2288 - Soyuz Class retired from service.
2290 - Federation Sensors for planetary atmospheric scans are advanced. Klingons sleeper ships still in use.
2292 - Romulan/Klingons Alliance fails.
2293 - Star Trek VI. Praxis explodes and Klingons sue for peace at Khitomer. Launch of the USS Enterprise B. Kirk MIA, presumed dead. Spok begins negotiations with Senator Pardek for Reunification (though this is kept a secret).
2305 - Picard is born.
2311 - Romulans disappear from contact with the Federation. This becomes known as the "Tombed Incident". It is later discovered that this is to alow the Romulans to focus on defending their Lyan border
2322 - Picard’s first application to Starfleet is rejected, despite high score.
2323 - Picard’s second application to Starfleet is accepted.
2324 - Beverly Howard (to be Crusher) is born.
2327 - Picard graduates from Starfleet.
2328 - Cardasians annex Bajor.
2333 - Picard is promoted to Captain of the USS Stargazer.
2335 - Riker and La forge are born.
2336 - Deanna Troi is born.
2337 - Tasha Yar is born.
2338 - Data is discovered and activated.
2339 - War between the Federation and Cardasians erupts.
2340 - Worf and Ro Laren are born.
2325 - Data’s application to Starfleet is accepted.
2342 - Population of Alden-7 slain by Crystalline Entity.
2343 - Galaxy Class project begun.
2344 - Enterprise-C was destroyed at Narendra-III clinching the Klingons/ Federation peace treaty.
2346 - Khitomer Massacre.
2347 - New Com pin emblem developed.
2349 - Jack and Beverly Crusher are married.
2349 - Wesley Crusher is born. Alternate Tasha Yar is executed after attempting to escape Romulus.
2353 - Will Riker joins Starfleet. Tholians attack a Federation Starbase. Kyle Riker (Will’s father) is sole survivor.
2353 - Jack Crusher is killed due to a command decision of Picard’s.
2355 - Battle of Maxia. The Picard Manoeuvre is developed.
2357 - Riker and Geordie graduate from Starfleet and Worf enters.
2358 - Significant advances are made to the Galaxy project.
2360 - Galaxy Class are designed. Klingons decrease experimentation with Phasic devices.
2363 - The third Galaxy Class to be built, the USS Enterprise-D, is launched under Picard for eight years.
2364 - First Series ST:TNG. First Contact with the Ferengi, Q, Crystalline Entity and Tarellian survivors. Cure for the Tarellian plague is developed. Romulans re-initiate contact with the Federation after developing and relaesing the Lyan Plague. Lore is reactivated. Tasha Yar is killed.
2365 - Second Series ST:TNG. Dr Selar and Guinan become crew members of the USS Enterprise. Data is found to be a sentient life with all the Federation rights thereof. First Contact with the Borg and the Packled’s. Worf an K’Ehleyr are again romantically involved. Lyan become overrun with the Plague and their society begins to collapse.
2366 - Third Series ST:TNG. Barkley becomes a crew member of the USS Enterprise-D. Enterprise-C takes the Alternate Tasha Yar back to the past. The Nanites are "born". Romulan incursion into Federation space is discovered. First hints of Durras movement discovered by the Federation. First Generation of Positronics fails with the death of Lal. Lore is recovered by a Pakled vessel. Worf accepts discommendation to save the Empire. Wesley is accepted for Starfleet, but misses the transport. Riker is offered command of the USS Melbourne. It is later destroyed at Wolf 359.
2367 - Fourth Series ST:TNG. Spot becomes a crew member of the USS Enterprise-D. Borg invade Sector 001, destroying thirty nine Starships and countless other vessels. Noonian Soong dies shortly after completing the only fully functional Positronic emotion chip, which is stolen by Lore. Worf learns of Alexander, the child of his and K’Ehleyr relationship. Keiko and Myles O’Brien are married. Cardasians found to be challenging the new found peace by plotting new hostilities against the Federation. Picard acts as Arbiter of Succession. Durras killed by Worf. Worf receives his honour back. Durras sisters, Lursa and Betor, challenge Gowron and (assisted in secret by Romulans) begin a Civil War. Worf retires from Starfleet to fight in the war.
2368 - Fifth Series ST:TNG. First Series ST:Sutherland. Alexander (Worf’s son) and Ro Laren become crew members of the USS Enterprise-D. The Durras movement fails (thanks to the USS Sutherland) but the sisters escape. First effective contact with Tamarians. Romulan/Vulcan Reunification movement develops under Spock. Sarek dies at age 203. Romulan experimentation with Phasic technology discovered by the Federation. Molly O’Brien is born. "Hugh" of Borg is "born".
2369 - Sixth Series ST:TNG. 1st series ST:DS9.
2370 - Seventh Series ST:TNG. 2nd series ST:DS9. Julian Watts is Born
2371 - 3rd series ST:DS9. Dominion War.
2372 -
2373 -
2374 - Catastrpohic failure of the first Federation Trilithium Reactor. Only witness is Julian Watts. Explorer class first drafted. Victor Sterman serves at Starbase 234 during Dominon War as a Starfleet Cadet.
2375 - End of Dominon war.
2376 -
2377 -
2378 -
2379 - ST:TNG Nemisis. Remain military coup on the Romulan home world led by Clone of Cpt Picard. Death of Data.
2380 -
2381 -
2382 -
2383 -
2384 - USS Explorer due to be released but fatal accidents postpone relase date by 4 years. Julian Watts joins Starfleet at age 14, becoming the youngest Human to be accepted.
2385 - USS Sutherland is drydocked at Starbase 247.
2386 -
2387 - Julian Watts graduates from Starfleet acadamey as a member of Nova Squadron. Victor Sterman also graduates, at least 10 years late.
2388 - First Series ST:G. First Federation contact with Lyan and Severatim. First functional Federation Phase Cloak. First successful Trilithium Warp Engine developed by Klingon Empire.